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1 Capsicum ( California Wonder ) (1989-92 )

Outside cultivated capsicum did not produced any yield due to off season while capsicum grown under polyhouse during the same season produced considerable higher yield of 13.56 t/ha.

2 Chrysanthemum ( Sonali Tara ) (1990-92 )

Average yield data of three years revealed that the chrysanthemum grown under polyhouse yielded 20.19 t/ha which was double as against the open field cultivation (10.24 t/ha). Moreover, the quality of flowers grown under polyhouse was exellent as compared to open field cultivation.

3 Cucumber ( Poona Khira ) (1991 )

Yield of cucumber (7.50 t/ha) grown under polyhouse was badly affected due to non-pollination inside the polyhouse as against open field cultivation (20.5 t/ha).

4 Muskmelon ( Indo American- Sona ) (1992- 93 )

The yield of muskmelon (36.96 t/ha) grown under polyhouse was 6 times more than the open field cultivation (6.26 t/ha).

5 Chilli ( Mahyco Jwala ) (green) (1993- 95 )

Three years average data indicated that maximum yield of 14.34 t/ha was obtained when the chilli was grown under low tunnel as against 10.68 t/ha in open field cultivation. The increase in yield to the extent of 34 per cent in addition to better fruit quality was observed under low tunnel.

6 Gerbera (1995- 96 )

Different varieties shown variation in performance under polyhouse. Polar and Angela gave higher number of flowers per sq. m i.e. 312.5 and 226 respectively. The length of stalk was superior in Palermo. The vase life in Polar was 14 days followed by Panama (13 days ). Biggest flowers were found in Parijat.
Cultivation of gerbera under low cost polyhouse is profitable and quality flowers of gerbera can be harvested.

7 Tomato ( Navin ) ( 1997 )

The maximum yield of tomato ( 87.09 t/ha) was obtained under polyhouse condition at 60 x 60 cm crop spacing which was 82 per cent more than outside cultivation (47.92 t/ha ). Total water requirement of tomato crop inside and outside the polyhouse was 82.71 cm and 103.4 cm respectively resulting into 20 per cent saving in irrigation water.

8 Green capsicum ( California Wonder ) ( 1998-2000 )

Production of green capsicum under polyhouse condition yields about 30 times more than the open field conditions. Production of green capsicum under polyhouse in paired row planting technique at the spacing 45 cm between plants and 30 cm between rows with a pathway of 45 cm between pair is recommended to get higher yield of more than 68 t/ha. Open field cultivation of green capsicum in summer of western Maharashtra is not feasible due to adverse weather conditions for crop growth.

9 Coloured capsicum ( Evident ) ( 1998-2000)

Production of coloured capsicum under polyhouse conditions give promising yield and good quality. Application of water soluble fertilizers through drip at the rate 280 kg N, 30 kg P, 415 kg K, per hectare is recommended which gives capsicum yield of more than 85 t/ha in polyhouse. Saving in fertilizer is about 20 % over the recommended dose. Evident variety (red in colour) of coloured capsicum is best suited in polyhouse cultivation.

10 Gerbera ( 1998-2001 )

For the cultivation of gerbera under polyhouse the dose of water soluble fertilizers 20:10:24 g NPK/plant/year is recommended for obtaining the yield of 275 flowers / m2 . Gerbera. Cv. Venturi proved to be the best yielder (314 flowers/ m2 / year ) but other floral characters and flower size was better in Ruby Red, Sunset and Sangria. Ruby Red & Sangria had a good market preference due to their attractive dark & light red colour respectively.


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