The National Committee on Precision Agriculture & Horticulture

“Notice Inviting Tender” For
Hosting and Maintenance of

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Dated : September 8, 2022

10th Floor, International Trade Tower
Nehru Place
New Delhi - 110 019
Tel. : 011 - 35611275
Fax : 011 - 46508501
Email : /

National Committee on Precision Agriculture and Horticulture (NCPAH), Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare (DAC&FW), Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare (MoA&FW), Government of India is in the process of hiring firm / IT agency having experience of developing and maintaining websites, for maintenance and overall management of its Departmental website as per guidelines and regulations from time to time.

Sealed quotations are invited in two parts - Technical and Financial with detailed terms and conditions from the registered / well established / reputed firms / IT agencies who will meet the requisite criteria as per following details:

Services of contract include additions, editing, amending, deleting in the website maintenance plans as follows:

• Content Text
• Photos
• WebPages
• File Downloads
• Videos
• Links
• Forms

Website design and elements handling.

• Home page changes
• Inner Pages Content changes/up-dating
• Adding or maintaining links
• Company news updates
• Adding new pages to the website
• Adding new interactive components to the website
• Modifying content and graphics
• Site "makeovers"

Our website maintenance requirements:

• Bug fixing and problem reporting.
• Fast turnaround time for changes.
• Complete service solution for our web site.
• Database Backup and Website backup after any update. For bring up the website within
12 hours of any failure/hack attack.
• Content updates/additions.
• Performance Improvements.

Our Hosting requirements:

• Hosting with 40 GB Space
• Business Emails upto 20 email addresses.
• Data Security USING SSL CERTIFICATE Installation with Dedicated IP address.
• Quick turnaround time within 24 hrs of Hosting Support.

Placing a Service Request

Service Requests will be directed and sent by our technical support team. These requests may be placed preferably by e-mail and can also be placed through telephone.

Quotation submission Process

Quotation is invited in two parts i.e. Technical Bid and Financial Bid. The quotations to be submitted to the following address by hand / courier / post.

The terms and conditions to come under Technical bid and only quote in Financial bid.

Details of Bid: -

a) Bid Reference :

b) Start date for submission of Tender : Thursday, Sep 8, 2022
c) Close date for submission of Tender : Friday, Sep 16, 2022
at 10.30 p.m.
d) Quotation opening date : Friday, Sep 16, 2022
at 11.30 p.m.

e) Place of receiving the bid/ : National Committee On
Precision Agriculture &

f) Addess for communication : 10th Floor,
International Trade Tower Nehru Place,
New Delhi, 110019

g) Contact Person : Administrative Officer
Ph.011-35611275 or email: /

Essential Documents to be attached:
1. Xerox copy of PAN & GST Certificate duly self attested.
2. Certified copies of Income Tax Returns for last 3 years.
3. Experience certificates from minimum 3 reputed firms with similar scope of work.
4. Name, address, Contact No. designation / capacity of the authorized person who has been assigned on behalf of the firm for signing the tender document on plain paper.
5. All the documents including tender document must be self attested by authorized person.
Any application received after the last date and time for submission for the same, shall be summarily rejected.

Award of Contract

Award of contract will be given on the basis of commercially lowest quotation.
Financial bid of a bidder will be opened only if the bidder fulfils all terms & conditions mentioned in Technical bid.

Other Terms and Conditions

1. The Bidder shall not utilize or publicize or disclose or part with any statistic, data or information collected with assignment / contract without the express written consent of the Department. Failing which tender awarded may be cancelled and legal action as deemed fit may be taken.

2. The Bidder’s rate should remain same and valid for a period of contract from the date of acceptance or contract on successful award of the same.

3. NCPAH reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotations without assigning any reason thereof.

4. All disputes relating to this tender shall be referred to sole arbitrator to be appointed by the Department whose decision will be binding on both the parties.

5. The work contract is for 1 year initially effective 1st September, 2022 and may be extended for another 3 years based on work performance of the succeeded in getting award of contract at the same cost and same terms of conditions.

6. All disputes arising out of this tender shall be subjected to jurisdiction of Court of New Delhi.

7. Payment would be made 50% advance and 50% after 180 days upon submission of progress report alongwith invoice.

8. The sealed envelopes comprising of Technical and Financial quotations shall be duly superscripted as Quotation for NCPAH Website Maintenance & Hosting – Technical or Financial

9. Submission of status reports from time to time.

10. The NCPAH will open the Quotations in the presence of the Committee and award the contract to the lowest quoted IT firm / agency.


The quotations must be signed affixed seal on evey page of the quotation by the authorized person and the complete Signed Quotations must be submitted.


I / We undertake that I / we have carefully studied all the terms and conditions and understand the parameters of the proposed work of the NCPAH / Department and shall abide by them.
I / We further undertake that the information given in this tender / quotations are true and correct in all respect and I / we hold the responsibility for the same.

Date : Bidder’s Signature with Seal

Place :

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