• To coordinate in promotion of horticulture / agriculture development through use of plastics in agriculture ( Plasticulture) with special reference to harnessing available natural resources such as water and sunlight in improving the productivity and quality of the produce
  • To recommend suitable policy measures for promotion of plasticulture in the country.
  • To facilitate increased adoption of various Plasticulture applications like drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, protected cultivation, community tanks, post harvest management, etc.
  • To facilitate in promotion of Research and Development and to build data base in plasticulture.
  • To suggest suitable strategies in development of quality standards for products used in plasticulture and ensure proper adoption of such standards in the field.
  • To suggest ways and means for effective implementation of Centrally Sponsored Schemes on Micro-irrigation having integration with NHM, TMNE, RKVY, etc. in relation to plasticulture components in these schemes.
  • To supervise and monitor effectively the performance of Precision Farming Development Centres (PFDCs) in particular and overall development of Precision Farming methods and hi-tech interventions in general in the country.
  • Any other matter connected with promotion of plasticulture in the country.