NCPAH at 6th Food & Tech Expo 2010

National Committee on Plasticulture Applications in Horticulture (NCPAH) under the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) showcased precision farming & plasticulture applications and innovative packaging solutions to promote hi-tech horticulture innovations at 6th 'INDIAMART' Food & Technology Expo 2010 held between 6-7-8 August, 2010 at Expo Centre, Noida, U.P. The event was inaugurated by the Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing, Govt of India.
NCPAH focused on financial assistance provided for various plasticulture applications under the National Mission on Micro Irrigation (NMMI), National Horticulture Mission (NHM), and Horticulture Mission for North East and Himalayan States (HMNH) etc for giving a boost to hi-tech horticulture & innovation thereby benefiting visitors at the stall. The 3days event provided platform on the status of advancements in Horticulture and 'Agri-food Business' in terms of technology, market knowledge and latest developments in the processing, milling and packaging of foods. During the three days event more than 2500 visitors visited the NCPAH stall & interacted to learn about precision farming method & use of various plasticulture applications for which financial assistance available under the GoI schemes.
JS, NHM, MoA, GoI visited NCPAH stall and appreciated the efforts made for displaying various Plasticulture applications, scheme related information, literatures on precision farming & plasticulture from PFDCs etc for the benefit of different stake-holders and end users.
India's agriculture production base is strong but at the same time wastage of agricultural produce is massive. Processing level is around 2.2% for fruits & vegetables compared to countries like USA (65%), Philippines (78%) and China (28%), 26% for marine, 6% Poultry etc in developed countries.
The exhibition focused:
Hi-tech agricultural & horticultural innovations Sorting, Cleaning and Milling Machineries & Equipments for Agri-products (Rice, Wheat, Pulses, Cereals, Spices etc.). Food Processing and Packaging Machines & Technologies. Processed Foods, Organic Foods, Healthy & Nutritious Foods, Beverages, Bakery Products, Dairy Energy Conservation, Water Conservation and Pollution Control solutions. Storage, Handling & Transportation Systems. Refrigeration Solutions.
NCPAH exhibited various plasticulture applications related to horticulture, water management practices & innovative packaging, showed documentaries on Micro Irrigation and use of Protected Cultivation, circulated literatures from Precision Farming Development Centres (PFDCs), system manufacturers and suppliers directory, Package of Practices on selected fruits and vegetable, subsidy pattern under GoI schemes on National Mission on Micro Irrigation (NMMI), National Horticulture Mission (NHM) and Horticulture Mission for North East and Himalayan States (HMNH) for bringing awareness for the adoption of such applications by prospective end users. NCPAH stall awarded for its active participation as the informative stall at FOOD & TECH EXPO 2010.
Path Forward:
The urban population density is high and this demands a chain or a network of retail outlets. Indian food retailing is poised for a quantum leap. Not only are newer names set to dot the retail landscape but also such new formats, such as as hyper-and super-markets are to emerge. The key drivers for increased demand in value-added processed food products are growth in consumer class;
a) change in lifestyle characterized by expanding urban population, increased number of nuclear and dual-income families; b) change in attitudes and tastes with increasing modernization and to a lesser extent westernization of tastes, particularly, of the youth; c) low penetration rates; and d) ability to offset seasonal supply-and-demand effects in fresh products.
India's Potential Untapped
India is the world's second largest producer of food next to China, and has the potential of being the biggest with the food and agricultural sector. The processing food segment accounts for 29.4 billion, in a total estimated food market of about USD 91.7 billion. The food processing industry is one of the largest industries in India. It currently ranks fifth in terms of production, consumption, export and growth prospects. Of the country's total agriculture and food produce, only 2 per cent is processed and nearly 15 per cent is only processed by the organised sector.
India's food processing sector covers fruit and vegetables; meat and poultry; milk and milk products, alcoholic beverages, fisheries, plantation, grain processing and other consumer product groups like confectionery, chocolates and cocoa products, soya-based products, mineral water, high protein foods etc.
The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has accorded high priority, with a number of fiscal relief and incentives, to encourage commercialization and value addition to agricultural & horticultural produce; for minimizing pre/post harvest wastage, generating employment and export growth etc through GoI schemes such as NHM, HMNH, NMMI, NFSM etc for providing required impetus for value processing of agricultural produces in the country.
NCPAH through its 22 Pecision Farming Development Centres have been working on state focus crops on which conducts trials for making package of recommendations for farmers in varied agro-climatic conditions. NCPAH with the help of PFDCs have been undertaking transfer of technology at the farmers' level through awareness cum training programmes, kisan gosthi etc. At the same time organizing seminars & workshops and participates in print & satellite media programmes to popularise adoption of precision farming method and various plasticulture applications for hi-tech commercial cultivation of agri/horti produces. Use of plastics in different forms in agriculture have been gaining momentum right from nursery to production and processing to retail for optimizing indirect inputs for maximizing output with improved quality of various produces used in food sector.