NCPAH showcased Plasticulture Applications at eima agrimach India 2009, IARI, Pusa, Delhi

EIMA AGRIMACH India 2009 is an international fair that benefits both the Indian players in the agro-machinery, Farm technologies, agro processing, Inputs, Agro services sector as well the global farm equipment manufacturers who intend to enter the Indian market. Pooling in the best and latest of farm equipments, the fair is a platform where the whole world gets acquainted with the developments in the Indian farm-equipment scenario. The fair also brings in leading international players so that Indian companies open up to a world of emerging opportunities in the industry. The event ensures a commendable participation of farmers, central & state establishments, international & domestic business delegations, CEOs, Senior managers of Indian companies as well as MNCs.

EIMA 2009 - the world's largest fair on Agri Machinery & Equipment was held jointly by the MoA, FICCI and UNACOMA between 3-5 Dec 2009 at IARI, Pusa, Delhi. The event was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Union Minister of State( Agri.), MoA, GoI and Chief Minister, Govt. of Punjab. During the three days event various Indian farm machinery & technology companies, state & central govt. departments / agencies, banks & international companies from Brasil, Italy, Spain, China etc participated both in the seminars & exhibition area covering more than 6000sqm. The exhibition had three main areas of focus: - Agri-machinery & farm technologies, Inputs & Agri services.

NCPAH provided inputs to FICCI for creating a session on “Automation in Irrigation & Water management” in which PI, PFDC, Delhi gave a presentation on automation in drip & sprinkler irrigation system under the centrally sponsored scheme Micro Irrigation of MoA, GoI. He emphasized the need of efficient irrigation methods & schedules and shared trials data on water use efficiency in different crops by the Precision Farming Development Centres (PFDCs). The international perspective of automation was given respectively by the representatives of John-Deere India and Rovati Pompe, Italy. The session chair was DDG(NRM), who summed up by saying the need of hour is to looking for effective irrigation system to increase per hectare productivity in different crops by saving water.
NCPAH showcased different plasticulture applications such as Drip & Sprinkler irrigation system, Greenhouse, Shadenet house, Pond lining, Plastics Mulching, Low tunnel etc under the theme of the Ministry of Agriculture pavillion "More Crop Per Drop". NCPAH made special efforts to circulate technical literatures on precision farming & plasticulture application, plasticulture system suppliers directory, package of practices, operational guidelines & scheme information on MI / NHM, address of MI / NHM scheme implementing agencies, list of PFDCs etc.

Display of Agri Implements

Display of Form Machineries

Glimpses eima agrimach India 2009
During the three days event eminent visitors at the NCPAH stall were Hon'ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Punjab, Minister of State (Agri.), MoA, GoI, Secretary (Agri), Adtl Secretary (Agri), Deputy Commissioner (Horti.), MoA, GoI, representatives of Mauricia Region, Govt. of Spain, Eima-Italy, Irrigation Companies, Farm Implements Manufacturers, Escorts, HMT, TAFE, SONALIKA, New Holland John Deere etc. Approximately 10,000 visitors including farmers from different parts of the country visited the NCPAH stall.
Agriculture, which is the mainstay of the Indian economy, contributes about 18 percent of the national income and provides employment to more than 50 percent of the population. Diverse agro-climatic conditions conducive for a variety of crops almost round the year; highest arable land-to-land size ratio and the largest irrigated land network are the hallmarks of agriculture in India.

India is the largest producer of tea, milk & pulses and second largest producer of wheat, rice and fruits & vegetables in the world. The government with a view to leapfrog agriculture to favourable terms in modern trade has accorded highest priority to agriculture and agri-business. Given the inherent strengths and highest policy resolve to strengthen agriculture, India is emerging as one of the most favorable destinations for making agri-business investments and presents widespread opportunities across the value chain. Thus calls for paradigm shift in agriculture mechanization in various domains of cultivation like tillage, sowing, irrigation, plant protection, threshing etc.

The awareness among farming communities to implement the latest available technologies in farming has resulted in a shift towards mechanization, extending the scope of agri-machinery in the nation. The Ministry of Agriculture schemes such as MI / NHM / TMNE / ISOPOM etc would provide further boost for water resource creation & efficient water management to enhance per hectare productivity in different agri-horti crops in India.