National Committee on Precision Agriculture & Horticulture (NCPAH)
“Notice Inviting Tender
For Hiring Services : Cab & Taxi on Monthly Basis”

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Dated : June 12, 2023
10th Floor, International Trade Tower,
Nehru Place,
New Delhi - 110019
Tel. : 011 - 35611275
Fax : 011 - 46508501
Email : /

National Committee on Precision Agriculture and Horticulture (NCPAH), Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare (DA&FW), Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare (MoA&FW), Government of India is in the process of hiring cab & taxi services on monthly basis for official use for 1 no. AC Sedan; 2500 km x 320 hours Local Delhi NCR.
Sealed quotations are invited in two parts - Technical and Financial with detailed terms and conditions from the registered / well established / reputed service provider who will meet the requisite criteria as per following details:

Type of Car / Vehicle : Sedan – AC
Usage Variant : 2500 km x 320 hrs per month
Type of Service : Delhi NCR
Fuel Type : Any

Details of Bid:
a) Bid Reference : NCPAH:ADMIN:MS:2023-24/1405
b) Start date for submission of Tender : Monday, 12.06.2023 : 05.30 P.M.
c) Close date for submission of Tender : Monday, 19.06.2023 : 5.30 P.M.
d) Quotation opening date : Tuesday, 20.06.2023:12.00 NOON
e) Place of receiving the bid : National Committee on
Precision Agriculture & Horticulture
f) Address for communication : 10th Floor, International Trade Tower
Nehru Place,
New Delhi, 110019
g) Contact Person : Ms. Praveen Ratra
Administrative Officer
Ph.011-35611275 or

Quotation submission Process:
1. Quotation is invited in two parts i.e. Technical Bid and Financial Bid. The quotations to be submitted at above mentioned address by hand / courier / post.
2. The terms and conditions to come under Technical bid and only quote in Financial bid.
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3. The sealed envelopes comprising of Technical and Financial quotations shall be duly superscripted as “Quotation for Hiring Services : Cab & Taxi on Monthly Basis– Sedan: 2500 km x 320 hours: Delhi NCR- NCPAH – Technical or Financial”
4. The NCPAH will open the Quotations in the presence of the constituted Committee and award the contract to the lowest quoted service provider.

Award of Contract
1. Award of contract will be given on the basis of commercially lowest quotation (L1).
2. Financial bid of a bidder will be opened only if the bidder fulfils all terms & conditions mentioned in Technical bid.

Essential Documents to be attached:
1. Xerox copy of PAN & GST Certificate duly self-attested of the service provider.
2. Copy of Office Registration Certificate
3. Experience certificates with similar scope of work.
4. Relevant documents related to vehicle.
5. Name, address, Contact No. designation / capacity of the authorized person who has been assigned on behalf of the firm for signing the tender document on plain paper.
6. All the documents including tender document must be self-attested by authorized person.

Any application received after the last date and time for submission will not be entertained for the same.

Terms and Conditions:
1. The Bidder shall not utilize or publicize or disclose or part with any statistic, data or information collected with assignment / contract without the written consent of the Department, failing which tender awarded may be cancelled and legal action as deemed fit may be taken.
2. The bidder should not have been blacklisted or debarred by any Central / State Government / agency of Central / State Government / Public Sector Undertaking / Regulatory Authority of India at the time of submission of this bid.
3. The Bidder’s rate should remain same and valid for a period of contract from the date of acceptance or contract on successful award of the same.
4. The service provider shall provide the vehicle along with driver, so as to ensure twenty-four (24) hours availability of driver and vehicle on all seven days during a week. However, the normal running of vehicle will be about 10-12 hours per day.
5. The vehicle should be in good condition.
6. Vehicle should not be more than 5 years old and should be BS VI compliant.
7. The Drivers:
a. Should be experienced, should possess an appropriate and valid Driving License (minimum 3 years old).
b. Should be courteous and well mannered. The vehicle must be cleaned daily and maintain the interiors in presentable form always.
c. Will be required to maintain a Duty Slip / Logbook, etc. which will be signed by the officer using the vehicle or any other persons authorized by the department.
d. The driver should be provided with a mobile phone by the service provider.
e. Should have a valid PUC / Fast Tag.
8. No extra charges will be paid to the service provider due to fluctuation in cost of fuel or any other consumable items, registration charges etc. during the period of contract.
9. In case the vehicle is not reported on time due to any reason, another vehicle of similar type will have to be provided by the service provider as replacement.
10. Necessary Registration Certificate, Comprehensive insurance Policy, etc. of the vehicle should be valid and complete in all respects.
11. All the taxes and duties what-so-ever leviable by the Government (State or Central) or anybody, shall be borne by the service provider and will be deducted from his account bill.
12. Subject to any deduction or recoveries which the Department / Buyer may be entitled to make under the contract, the income tax, surcharge on income tax and sale tax (trade tax)/GST as applicable from time to time by the government shall be deducted from his bill.
13. NCPAH shall not be responsible for any accident, damage etc. to the vehicle during the period of hire.
14. The vehicle must have fire extinguisher, Deodorizer, tools & other accessories etc.
15. Parking charges will be paid on production of valid receipts, etc.
16. NCPAH reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotations without assigning any reason thereof.
17. NCPAH reserves the right to discontinue the contract, at any stage / time, after giving a one month's notice. One month’s notice from either side will also be required in case of discontinuation of the hiring services.
18. KM. reading will be counted for trip starting from the desired pick-up point and drop point. No separate charges will be paid for distance from garage to pick-up point and vice-versa.
19. Rates / quotes shall be exclusive of GST. GST will be paid extra as applicable.
20. The work contract will be valid till 31st March, 2024 and may be extended further based on the services provided during the contract period as well as feedback from the concerned officials.
21. All disputes arising out of this tender shall be subjected to jurisdiction of Court of New Delhi.
22. Extra per km and per hour charges will be applicable if the running is beyond the package monthly rate.
23. Invoice to be submitted in original with correct details of the client mentioned on it without any manual correction / overwriting on monthly basis along with original duty slips.
24. Payment shall be made only after submission of valid invoice, logbook, etc. and non-submission of the same may lead to delay / deduction in payment. The payment will be made through bank transfer only, in no circumstances cash / cheque payment will be made or demanded by the service provider.
25. Service provider’s bank account to be mapped for E-payment with details counter signed by bank and Original cancelled cheque.
26. All the penalties / fine / interest (if applicable) will be settled before making the payments. Service Provider shall not have any objection on the same.

The quotations must be signed affixed seal on every page of the quotation by the authorized person and the complete Signed Quotations must be submitted.


I / We undertake that I / we have carefully studied all the terms and conditions and understand the parameters of the proposed work of the NCPAH / Department and shall abide by them.
I / We further undertake that the information given in this tender / quotations are true
and correct in all respect and I / we hold the responsibility for the same.

Date : Bidder’s Signature with Seal

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