Plastics Tunnel

Plastics tunnel popularly known as low tunnels are miniature structures producing greenhouse like effect. These tunnels facilitate the entrapment of carbon dioxide, thereby enhancing the photosynthetic activities of the plant that help to increase yield. These structures also protect the plants from high wind, rain, frost and snow. Besides being inexpensive, these structures are easy to construct and dismantle.
Low tunnels have been used for producing healthy and high value nurseries. Use of low tunnels has been effective in crops such as Tomato, Cucumber, Radish, Beans, Asparagus, Strawberries, Melon and Tobacco etc.

  • Used for raising healthy and early nursery.
  • Maintains optimum temperature for plant growth.
  • Enhances nutrients uptake by the plants.
  • Increases photosynthetic activities of the plants.
  • Used for cultivation during winter.
  • Protection against wind, rain, frost & snow.

Material Required for Construction
  • HDPE / PVC pipes of one inch diameter & 2 meter in length.
  • Transparent LDPE films of 25-50 microns having 2 meter width.
  • 50 cm long with 6 mm diameter GI wires in which Peg to be made.
  • 2 No. of Poles having 5 cm diameter.
  • Twin Poly Propylene (PP) ropes.