Use of Plastics in Nursery

Indian nurseries have been using plastics in the form of soil solarisation, nursery bags, protrays, plug trays, crates, hanging baskets, sprayers, mini & micro sprinklers, drip irrigation system with foggers & misters, low tunnel, shadenet house, greenhouse etc to develop quality seedlings, saplings, hardening of tissue culture plants and grafts. Today nurseries have been registered both in private and public d oma i n s i n c l u d i n g v a r i o u s agricultural universities, research and training institutes.

  • Use of plastics media helps to produce quality seedlings, grafts and plants.
  • Better & early germination with less mortality.
  • Enable round the year nursery of different crops.
  • Helps to raise early & healthy saplings for off-season crops.
  • Easy to handle, store, transplant and transport.
  • Reduces labour costs.
  • Intensity of sunlight.